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Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share this easy homemade coffee smoothie recipe.
I love my morning coffee and I usually prefer to drink it cold, even during the winter.
That's weird I know haha. But during the summertime, when I have some me time on weekend mornings, I feel like spicing up my usual morning drink.

My obsession for iced coffee is a long love story. I prefer the version of a "shaved ice" texture over the regular smoothie or milkshake one. Sadly I could never achieve that texture at home. That is until I discovered the following method and now I basically make my own coffee smoothie "to go" at home.

What you will need
Premade frozen coffee

The process
First I make my regular cup of coffee. You can make your fave one.
I put coffee powder, vanilla coffee powder, sweetener, water and a bit of milk.
Then I pour that regular coffee mixture into molds. Popsicle molds are great for it.
I freeze this concoction in the freezer for about 8 hours or overnight.

After it is frozen, I take the molds out and put them in a bowl filled with hot water.
I leave it there for only 3 seconds, so the frozen coffee is easy to pop out but doesn't start to melt. Then I simply pop it out and get frozen coffee cubes.

I cut these cubes so they are easily blended in the blender and the drink is smooth and chunk-less haha. Then I put all my ingredients into the blender- milk, ice, premade coffee.

Now is the most important part that really makes a difference-
Put the blender on the lowest setting possible and press the button in small intervals.
Meaning to blend-stop-blend-stop, with less than a second interval.
That way all the ingredients blend but the ice and frozen coffee particals don't break.

Then you just pour it into a glass, a fancy jar or a plastic cup to go haha.
You can also add cocoa powder or whipped cream on top, and voila! Smoothie is done.


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