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Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share my absolute holy grail drugstore setting sprays.
I have also put them to the test against each other, to see which one wins and which one comes at a close second, and still does an amazing job.

I struggle with an oily t-zone and am always on the lookout for new setting sprays. Especially ones that claim to have a matte finish. Generally, I am a strong believer that affordable drugstore makeup products can be just as good as high end ones, if not better.

Thus, I always try to find amazing affordable products to share with you and this time, I am reviewing two of my favorite drugstore matte setting sprays.

NYX Matte finish setting spray
I wanna start by saying I am a huge lover of NYX cosmetics!
I feel like they make very high quality products, while keeping them at affordable prices.

You get 2.03 fl (60 ml) for the price of $8.00
I find that it keeps me matte for about two hours longer than usual,
which is amazing considering my t-zone gets oily very fast.

I also feel like it helped the overall look of my makeup.
My makeup looked more merged and blended after spraying it.
It dries fast and for the first few minuted feels like there is a light layer or "barrier" on your skin, but it goes away quickly.

The only con I have is that this spray has a slight chemical smell.
It is not a dealbreaker for me and I must say I don't mind it at all, but some people are sensitive to these kind of smells and don't like them.

Overall, I would recommend it! It definitely exceeds its claims.

LA Girl pro HD setting spray
I really like the L.A. Girl brand too. They consistently make nice products and I absolutely love their concealers, that I review here.

You get 1 fl (30 ml) for $7.00
I find that it keeps my t-zone matte for almost twice the time as without it!
I was really blown away but that result.

It does not have any smell and I it feels like you don't have anything on your skin.

I don't have any cons for this setting spray.


I felt like the Nyx spray has a chemical smell that the LA Girl doesn't have.

The LA Girl spray keeps me matte for about 2 hours longer than the Nyx one.

With the Nyx spray, you get almost twice the product for the same price!
Nyx- $8.00 for 60 ml, LA Girl- $7.00 for 30 ml.

In conclusion, if you are after a bargain or your skin type is normal to slightly oily,
I would definitely recommend the NYX matte finish setting spray.

If you have very oily skin, or if you are very sensitive to smells,
I would suggest the LA Girl pro HD setting spray!
It is a little pricier but still very affordable.

The LA Girl pro HD spray wins in my book!

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  1. Awesome post, I haven't heard much about LA products, apart from their concealers, and yet I hear a lot about NYX. What an awesome find, I have an oily t zone too and have always been sceptical about setting sprays but this was such a great review/comparison, thanks for sharing x

    AlLittleKiran - Bloglovin

    1. Thank you so much! <333
      This was my first product to try after their concealers too! I was thinking like, what the heck, I'll give it a try for that price :D
      I've also been very sceptical about setting mists so I feel ya on that one. My t-zone is like a disco ball after a few hours haha. But I decided to "dive in" into them hahaha, was kinda pleasentaly surprised :D

  2. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  3. great review

  4. I have been using the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray for a long time now and I was never keen on switching because it is literally the best! Although I have heard so many reviews on the NYX one, I think I shall give it a try ~


    1. Oh my, I've been wanting to try the Urban Decay for the longest time!! Would you recommend it? Is it worth the price in your opinion dear? :D

      And you should try the Nyx one, so affordable and nice if you need to have a small bottle for traveling or stuff ^^

  5. love this! find it so hard to find a setting spray!

    Im new to blogging please follow:)

    1. Me too! I feel like lots of sprays don't have an effect on me haha!
      Thanks for reading and good luck with your blog <3

  6. I've tried a couple and they seem to work for me so I do want to try more x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. Haha I'm kinda obsessed with trying different setting sprays at the moment! So I totally feel ya on that one (:

  7. You have great blog. I follow you :)
    Would you like to follow my blog?