E.L.F Cosmetics Spring Haul

11:21 PM

Hi loves! Today I'm sharing a couple of products I recently got from ELF.
I purchased them through iHerb, let me know if you'd like a site review.
Since we're approaching spring, I opted for colorful adds to my humble makeup collection.
So let's get to it!

The first item is a liquid eyeliner in the shade "Stardust".
It's a magical glittery liner.
The base is translucent and it' filled with colorful speckles.
I would love to use it over eyeshadow I put on the lid for an extra pop.
Original price: $2.00
Price on clearance when I purchased: $1.51

Click HERE for the item link.

And the other item is an eyeshadow primer in the shade "Coco loco".
You can use it as a base for powder shadow or as a creams shadow on it's own.
It dries out well and when it sets it doesn't smudge.
This shade is a rich metallic brown color.
Original price: $3.00
Price on clearance when I purchased: $1.57

Click HERE for the item link.

Overall thoughts:
I must say, for the low price of the items you can't really lose even if you don't like them.
I would definitely be buying liners and primers in different colors.

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10 Lovely comments

  1. ;D

    Quero esses produtos! hahaha!

    Ótima quarta!

    Beijo! ^^

    1. Obrigado!
      You should order them, the shipping is very cheap on "iHerb" site!

  2. Du hast einen schönen Beitrag geschrieben und nun eine Leserin mehr :) Herzlichst, Geena Samantha von http://mintcandy-apple.blogspot.de

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Geena! (:

  3. Wow that sparkly eyeliner looks amazing! It would definitely add something different to a typical make up look!
    Olivia xxx

    1. Thank you, you're right! Can't wait to try it over some matte shadows (:

  4. Great haul! I love the eyeliner! :)
    Xx Pisa